Pasta and rice

Pasta and rice

The best artisanal (handmade) pasta and Italian rice

On Il Tomolo, you can purchase the best artisanal pasta on the market and have a wide selection of Italian rice to choose from. We have selected for you the best artisanal pasta, and you can choose between  "bronze-drawn pasta" (pasta made with bronze dies) or Gragnano pasta.
All of them have been made from a careful selection of high-quality durum wheat that has undergone the entire production process using techniques from the ancient farming tradition. The pasta is then slowly dried at low temperatures by small local producers, carefully selected. It is excellent with any type of sauce, from the most complex to simple tomato and basil, and ideal for all cooking methods. Furthermore, on Tomolo, you can find a wide selection of Italian rice, grown in the vast plains of the Po Valley or in other rice fields in Italy. It is packaged in 1 kg cotton bags and has been selected from the best Italian rice brands on the market.

Artisanal pasta: symbol of Italian culture

 Pasta represents the symbol of Italian culture and is one of the main sources of national pride. It recalls the unique flavours of rural tradition and represents much more than just food, it is a moment of union and sharing. Italians are often recognized around the world as "maccheroni eaters," and this is because the tradition of pasta dates back to very ancient times. Our ancestors made homemade pasta, worked by hand with flour from stone-ground grains and dried in the air. This tradition is still present in some cities in Italy, with many grandmothers loving to pass down the cult of homemade pasta from generation to generation. Likewise, this process is still carried out today by the small producers we have selected,  who make artisanal pasta. 


The best selection of artisan pasta and the finest Italian rice come from the great pasta and rice mills of our territory. From the classic Ziti del Mulino di Gragnano, reminiscent of the flavours of tradition, to the artisan Carnaroli rice, grown in the heart of the Baraggia Piemontese by the Società Agricola Catella, Tomolo has everything you need to bring old-fashioned goodness to your table every day.

Inside each product you will find recipes and curiosities on how to cook artisan pasta and how to season our Italian rice.

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