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Our artisan sauces

Our artisan sauces are made from the finest ingredients, using traditional Italian recipes to create sauces that are reminiscent of homemade sauces.

All our products have been selected by our team of experts to bring the best of typical Italian cuisine to your table.

Ready-made sauces are perfect for those who don't have time to cook, but don't want to miss out on the goodness of a tasty dish. Ideal for first courses, they can also be enjoyed on toast or in savoury pies. 

All the ingredients are cooked together according to traditional recipes and the sauces are stored in airtight jars to preserve their flavour. 

How to make the most of homemade readymade sauces

The quickest way to use ready-made sauces is to heat the whole jar in the microwave and pour over drained pasta. You can also use them straight from the jar on a slice of toast without heating. 

This does not mean that they cannot be used as they are, with other ingredients to suit your taste. 

For example, you can heat the Cetarese pesto in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil. You can add a basil leaf to add flavour, or spicy anchovy fillets to give it a more intense flavour.  

Neapolitan Genovese sauce

In most Neapolitan homes, Genovese sauce is traditionally eaten on Sundays.

However, its preparation requires a long cooking time, sometimes starting the day before. In these cases, a ready-made sauce can come to the rescue.

Made with coppered onions and beef, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, it recalls the flavour of homemade Genovese. Combined with home-made maccheroni rigati, it is sure to satisfy everyone.

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