Il tomolo: dalla terra con amore

• always good •

The tomolo was an ancient unit of measurement used by farmers for their plots of land. There is no single value that represents it, each province, over time, has defined its own, our project is exactly like that There is no unit of measurement that can define the set of quality, goodness and taste that we continue to search for in our products, but it is guaranteed that all our choices come directly from those plots of land, where only with the healthy air, the energy of the sun's rays and the loving hands of expert farmers and artisans of taste, the best raw materials become the proposals signed IL TOMOLO, always good.

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from the earth directly to your home

dalla terra direttamente a casa tua

what does the tomolo do?

It puts its face on it :)!

We select only the best products for you, and how? by following a few simple rules.
We search for smells and flavours now lost in large numbers.
Ricerchiamo odori e sapori ormai persi nei grandi numeri.
We reward those who use few ingredients and clearly explained on the labels.
Premiamo chi utilizza pochi ingredienti e chiaramente esplicitati nelle etichette.
Cosa fa il tomolo? Ci mette la faccia
Preferiamo i prodotti  dei quali si rispettano le stagionalità.
We prefer products whose seasonality is respected.
Selezioniamo solo produttori che rispettano il proprio
We only select producers who respect their 'tomolo'.

our producers

The heroes of the story!

Il Tomolo products come only from small communities, rooted in the land, those beautiful stories you want to tell...
i nostri produttori
i nostri produttori
i nostri produttori



Il Tomolo is your trustworthy portal for buying good food: a food e-commerce that distributes typical Italian products.

Our mission is to bring excellent food from small local businesses directly to the homes of those who want to buy typical products online using digital tools.
We carefully select the best local realities all over Italy, giving them the opportunity to reach out to the end consumer and at the same time guaranteeing our consumers a wide range of genuine and 100% Made in Italy products.

Finally, you can shop online and choose from a wide range of products such as artisan pasta, jams and marmalades made according to the most famous traditional recipes, a careful selection of Italian wines and artisan beers, and much more.

The knowledge of our experts and our company philosophy translate into a commitment to ensure that every single producer selected to join Tomolo respects high quality standards in terms of the raw materials used, cultivation techniques, transformation processes and preservation methods.

Whether you are in Milan, Rome or Florence, thanks to our efficient delivery system you can get the best typical products wherever you are, to bring the authentic taste of Italian food and wine to your table.

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