Tomato Preserves

Tomato preserves, the taste of home

Home-made tomato preserves are an important part of the Italian culinary tradition. They are usually made in summer, when tomatoes are in season and abundant on the market. This process guarantees the freshness of the product and its preservation throughout the year, without the use of chemical additives or synthetic preservatives. The delicate yet intense flavour of artisan tomato preserves makes them ideal for preparing sauces, gravies and dressings. They are also a great way to enjoy home-made flavours. If you want to experience the authentic taste of artisan tomato preserves, we recommend you discover our selection of local producers using high quality tomatoes. Artisan tomato preserves are a real treat for the palate and an essential part of Italian cuisine.

Tomato puree recipe

As a vegetable puree, the most common and present in every Italian home is definitely tomato puree

There is no universal recipe for tomato puree, every region, every city and every family has its own way of making it according to methods handed down from generation to generation. 

To start with, you definitely need a careful choice of a good quality of tomatoes: San Marzano, Datterino, Ciliegino or many other variants. 

On our portal you can find red tomato sauce, or yellow Datterino sauce, produced at km 0 by the Casa Iuorio company according to the traditional Campania recipe.

Proceeding with the tomato puree recipe, we cut the tomatoes we have chosen into pieces and add them to a pot in which the sauté (classic with onion, carrots, celery) has been done. 

The tomato can be cooked for whole hours depending on the density we wish to give it; it is traditional in Naples to cook the sudo even for a whole day. 

At the end just add a basil leaf and it will be perfect to season any dish or to make excellent first courses.

The miracle of San Gennaro

The Antico Pomodoro di Napoli tomato sauce deserves a special mention. It is an exceptional product and it is not by chance that it is called "Il miracolo di San Gennaro" (The Miracle of San Gennaro). We suggest you try it with our handmade pasta, such as Penne Rigate or Ziti Tagliati Lisci.

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