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A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage, typically sweet, made from alcohol, sugar and water, flavoured with ingredients and plant extracts. 

Our range of liqueurs includes real delicacies from local producers, selected by our team of food experts.

The origins of liqueur

The word liqueur comes from the Latin liquifacere, meaning to dissolve, and originated as a therapeutic drink thanks to the combination of flowers and spices distilled in the first European stills. It was thanks to Catherine de Medici that liqueur became a popular alcoholic drink in the 16th century.

In fact, Catherine used to offer it to visitors to the palace as a sign of welcome. It was not until the end of the 19th century that liqueurs found their way into bars and the first liqueur-based cocktails were born.

Types of Italian liqueurs 

There are many types of liqueurs in Italy, the most famous of which are listed below:

  • Amaretto: originally from Saronno, it is based on herbs and bitter almonds and other ingredients such as cherries, plums and cocoa.
  • Myrtle: very popular in Sardinia and Corsica, it is obtained from the alcoholic maceration of myrtle berries.
  • Nocino: obtained from the processing of walnuts, it is a thick liqueur with an intense flavour and a very dark colour. You can taste the Sorrento walnut Nocino 'Elisir', available on our portal.
  • Limoncello: a typical liqueur of Campania, especially of Sorrento, it is made from lemon peel and has an intense yellow colour. 

Sorrento Limoncello 

From the famous lemons of Sorrento, known throughout Italy, comes limoncello.

It is an excellent digestive and is usually drunk after meals, but can also be used to flavour desserts, fruit salads or ice cream.

You can choose to make it at home with the help of recipes on the Internet, but remember to use only fresh, untreated lemons, which are rich in essential oils that give limoncello its aroma. You can also buy it online from our portal.

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