The Best Fish-Based Preserves from our Seas

What are fish-based products? Also known as seafood products, they include the meat and all edible parts of aquatic animals, whether wild-caught or farm-raised.
At Il Tomolo, you can find the best fish-based preserves made from fish caught in seas, lakes, and rivers across Italy. Our products are of the highest quality, rich in nutrients, and easy to preserve.

High-quality fish preserves

Thanks to our online platform, you can have premium products delivered right to your doorstep, products that are not readily available in supermarkets. We have carefully selected the best fish-based preserves from Italian seas, featuring tasty and healthy fish that is freshly processed and preserved in extra-virgin olive oil, without any preservatives or artificial colours, in a completely natural way.
The processing is carried out entirely in Italy, starting from the selection of the raw material, followed by careful cleaning, seasoning, and packaging. All our fish-based preserves are made by small producers who are carefully selected based on specific criteria to ensure the high quality of our products.

Some recipes using anchovy fish sauce of Cetara

One of our flagship products is the anchovies from Cetara, a traditional agri-food product from Campania, more precisely from the small village of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast. Salt-cured, preserved in extra-virgin olive oil, or used as a flavour enhancer, anchovies are essential for many recipes.
Salt-cured anchovies are perfect for creating gourmet bruschetta and appetizers. For example, you can top a slice of toasted bread with buffalo mozzarella or burrata, a fillet of anchovy, some extra-virgin olive oil, and a leaf of basil.
Another dish worth trying is spaghetti with anchovy fish sauce of Cetara , a simple, yet delicious dish, that appeals to all tastes. To prepare it, you will need a good artisanal pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, two tablespoons of anchovy fish sauce of Cetara, and a bit of parsley and chili pepper.

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