The production of rice in Italy

At home and abroad, Italian rice is highly appreciated.

Its origins are very ancient, dating back to the Middle Ages, when it was first considered a spice and therefore sold with other exotic products, then used as a food for sweets. It was only during the periods of intense famine and warfare that plagued Italy in the Middle Ages that it was discovered that this grain could actually feed many people.

Italy is the leading country in rice production, and some varieties, such as Baldo, Carnaroli and others, are produced exclusively in our country. The most widely grown rice in Italy is "risotto" rice, which occupies about a third of the total area.

The regions of Italy where Italian rice production is most concentrated are: Piedmont, followed by Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

Piatti semplici con il riso italiano

We recommend the following 3 dishes that you can make with rice and a few other ingredients, which are quick and easy and great for a meal with friends.

  • Saffron risotto: this is a typical dish from the north of Italy, the recipe is very simple and quick, and can be modified according to taste by adding ingredients such as mushrooms, sausage, truffles, etc. Different sizes of saffron in stigmas are available on our website.
  • Timballo di riso al sugo di pomodoro (Rice timbale with tomato sauce): a dish enjoyed by young and old alike, the most common filling is ham and mozzarella, but there are those who prefer to add other ingredients such as peas or minced meatballs. Try the homemade red tomato sauce.
  • Rice with legumes: rice can be cooked together with different types of legumes, such as the boiled beans from "La Sbecciatrice", for a healthier meal with fewer calories.

Which is the best Italian rice for sushi?

The best Italian rice for sushi is made from small, round, thin grains. It is important that sushi rice removes a lot of starch during cooking so that it is easy to handle and work with. Some types of Italian sushi rice:

  • Selenium
  • Ruby
  • Original
  • Balilla
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