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Semi-Processed Carnaroli Rice

la Pila

Net weight: 1 kg - 35,2 oz



Carnaroli SemiLavorato Classico is a semi-whole grain rice that is milled using traditional methods and differs from Carnaroli Classico in that it has a slightly darker appearance due to less intensive processing. This characteristic makes it not only tastier but also more nutritious, with 232% more fibre than Carnaroli Classico, making it the ideal choice for diets that require a high fibre content. It also retains its texture for a long time after cooking.

The cooking time for Carnaroli SemiLavorato Classico rice is 16-18 minutes.

COD: PST.0533.1000
EAN: 8026198012375
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
343 kcal - 1453 kJ
1,86 g
of which saturated
0,36 g
72,35 g
of which sugars
0,88 g
7,88 g
2,56 g
0,003 g

Semi-milled Carnaroli rice 100%

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Carnaroli rice is often referred to as 'the king of rices' due to its exceptional ability to absorb flavours and liquids during cooking, while maintaining a firm consistency. This characteristic makes it ideal for making risotto, one of Italy's most famous dishes.

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Characteristics of Artisanal Semi-Processed Carnaroli Rice

Artisanal Semi-Processed Carnaroli Rice is a high-quality product with unique characteristics. This type of rice, being semi-milled, undergoes less processing than other varieties. This means that it maintains greater grain integrity, thus retaining an exceptional taste and texture during cooking. The controlled supply chain of this rice guarantees complete traceability, allowing consumers to know the origin and the path the rice has followed before arriving on their tables. Furthermore, it is important to emphasise that Artisanal Carnaroli Semi-Processed Rice is cultivated using only resurgence water. This water resource, coming from natural springs, helps preserve the environment and gives the rice an authentic flavour and irresistible aroma. Choosing Artisanal Semi-Processed Carnaroli Rice means guaranteeing a superior culinary experience, accompanied by values of sustainability and authenticity.

The best combinations for Carnaroli semi-whole grain rice

Semi-whole Carnaroli rice, produced with artisan care and from a controlled supply chain, offers food lovers a wide range of culinary possibilities. Thanks to its authentic taste and the irresistible aroma that comes from the exclusive use of resurgence water, Carnaroli semi-whole grain rice can be combined with a wide range of ingredients. For example, to create a dish with a refined and delicate flavour, it can be combined with fresh seafood such as prawns or squid. The intense aroma of Carnaroli semi-whole grain rice blends perfectly with the marine notes of the seafood, creating a unique combination of flavours. For those who prefer a vegetarian dish, Carnaroli semi-whole wheat rice is perfect with seasonal vegetables such as courgettes, carrots or mushrooms. The creamy texture of semi-whole grain Carnaroli rice blends perfectly with the sweetness and freshness of the vegetables, creating an explosion of flavour in every bite. In conclusion, Carnaroli semi-whole-wheat rice is a versatile, high-quality ingredient that can enrich any dish with its authentic flavour and creamy texture.