In Italy, salt has always been known for its health benefits and for its many uses in cooking. Among the various types of salt, two have become particularly famous: Cervia salt and Fior di Sale from Trapani. Every year, the salt pans in these places produce tonnes of salt, renowned for its high quality and special organoleptic characteristics.

The benefits of Cervia salt in Italian cuisine

Cervia Salt is an ingredient used in many Italian dishes. This salt is highly valued for its beneficial properties, which make it a healthy and tasty choice for cooking. Some of the beneficial properties of Cervia Salt are

  • A high mineral and trace element content, making it beneficial for heart and bone health
  • It is less refined than table salt and contains less sodium, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to reduce the amount of sodium in their diet
  • Cervia Salt adds a unique and delicate flavour to dishes, making it an essential ingredient in traditional Italian cuisine

We recommend using it to season pasta, meat, vegetables and even desserts. However, it is important to use just the right amount to fully appreciate its beneficial properties without overdoing the sodium.

Trapani Salt: Benefits and origins

The uses and benefits of Trapani Salt are numerous and not all of them are well known. This salt is produced in one of the oldest salt pans in Europe, thanks to a natural evaporation process using the energy of the sun and wind. Trapani salt is rich in magnesium and potassium, minerals that make it very useful for our organism. Moreover, its low sodium content makes it ideal for people suffering from hypertension. Used in cooking, as a remedy for the health of our body and skin, Trapani Salt is a product of great value. And let us not forget its origin: a land where tradition meets nature, creating a precious treasure for our well-being.

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