Artisanal honey: the taste of quality

On our portal, we have selected the best producers of artisanal honey.
Wildflower, acacia, lime and ailanthus honeys in pretty jars to enjoy at breakfast on a slice of bread, as a snack or to accompany a cheese board for an aperitif with friends.
Artisanal honey is produced according to traditional beekeeping methods, following the entire honey production chain and the meticulous work of bees in a natural and sweet way.

Types of honey

There are many types of honey, let's look at some of them in detail:

  • Acacia honey: pale yellow in colour with a delicate flavour. It has a liquid consistency and is used to accompany cheeses and as a natural sweetener.
  • Chestnut honey: amber colour and bitter taste. It has a fairly liquid consistency and goes well with meats and cheeses.
  • Lime honey: yellow colour and aromatic flavour.  It has a slow and compact crystallisation with a fine grain.
  • Honeydew: dark in colour, less sweet than the others. It has a coarser grain and rapid crystallisation.
  • Wildflower honey: light in colour, tending towards beige, with a delicate flavour. Usually used for breakfast, spread on a slice of bread.
  • Ailanthus honey: amber colour and intense flavour. It goes very well with sorbets and fruit salads.

Properties of artisanal honey

One of the most important functions of honey is its antibacterial and antibiotic properties: many types of honey contain significant amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the same substance used to disinfect wounds.  

In addition to its ability to treat superficial infections, honey is also used to regulate the intestines, especially in children. 

Each type of honey has a specific property: acacia honey has an effect on the digestive system, chestnut honey has antibacterial properties, lime honey relieves menstrual pain and mixed-flower honey has a detoxifying effect on the liver.

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