The best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

All of our alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are produced by excellent local artisanal companies to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Among our non-alcoholic drinks, we offer a wide range of fruit juices in many different flavours, perfect for moments like breakfast, aperitif, or simply to refresh on a hot summer day. For our alcoholic drinks, we have selected the best Italian wines, artisanal beers, and liquors and spirits perfect for spending time with friends or for accompanying an excellent dinner.

Fruit juices as good as homemade

In this section, you will find fruit juices made with fresh and seasonal 100% Italian fruit without any added sugars. They are rich in taste and vitamins. All of the fruit is carefully selected and hand-picked by our producers from controlled agriculture and cooked at low temperatures to maintain all of the qualities of the vitamins.

Pear, peach, apricot, and many other flavours are available for fruit juices, ideal beverages for both adults and children.

The best Italian wines

Among our alcoholic drinks, wine is always the first choice for Italians.

The Italian territory offers a vast variety of high-quality wines, like no other country, each a symbol of history, culture, and tradition.

The excellent vines from our producers give life to the best Italian wines of the highest quality: artisanal, with first-choice grapes, made by companies that enhance the tradition and authentic flavours of our table every day.

Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, and Aglianico are just some of the types of wines from the Macchialupa company present on Il Tomolo.

Our Italian artisanal beers

Colourful and popular, blonde, amber, and dark, on our website, you will find a wide choice of artisanal beers produced by excellent master brewers.

Artisanal beer is an authentic beer, representing the spirit of a beverage that has developed together with human civilization. It is a drink with great socializing power, bringing everyone together and has always been at the center of interpersonal relationships.

Among our producers, O82tre creates unique and colourful packaging and only uses high-quality raw materials. If you are looking for a more elegant and refined style, you can rely on the excellent artisanal beers from the San Pietro Artisanal Brewery.

Liquors and spirits

Finally, to complete our Beverages section, we offer a selection of refined and high-quality liquors and spirits, with a sought-after taste and unique flavour.

Let's ake a look at  the difference between liquors and spirits. They are both alcoholic beverages, and the fundamental difference, in addition to the production technique, lies in the fact that in spirits, the most important components are alcohol and aromas, while in liquors, the flavourings are the most important ingredients.

Among the liquors present on Il Tomolo, you can find the Sorrento limoncello from Riviera dei Limoni.

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