Vegetable preserves

Canning the best of the garden

Especially in the summer, it is common practice to preserve seasonal vegetables so that they can be stored and enjoyed throughout the winter.

There are many ways to preserve vegetables: in oil or vinegar, pickled or even sweet and sour.

Our vegetable preserves are made according to traditional, homemade recipes. They are the fruit of an agriculture that respects nature and tradition, and are made with seasonal produce to offer authentic and genuine flavours.

Preserved in hermetically sealed packages to preserve the characteristics and flavours of the best vegetables grown in Italy.

Tomatoes, chillies, artichokes, onions, paprika, broccoli and many other vegetables, all prepared according to tradition.

Why preserve vegetables in oil

Oil is an excellent natural food preservation product for several reasons

  • It reduces contamination by airborne bacteria
  • It limits the availability of oxygen to aerobic bacteria
  • It isolates the food from its environment

The best oil for making preserves is extra virgin olive oil, available in various formats on our portal.

It has a number of properties that make it ideal for preserving food, including a strong tendency to resist oxidation due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids. 

The ultimate condiment: tomato sauce

On pizzas, in pasta dishes or even in main courses, tomato sauce is a must in the kitchen.

Tomato sauce is the most common of all vegetable preserves. It was born in Italy at the end of the 18th century, thanks to the large-scale cultivation of the golden apple, imported from South America by the Spaniards and used as a medicine or to decorate balconies.

But the first canned tomato industry was born in Naples, the home of ragù and pizza, with the entrepreneur Francesco Cirio.

It is made directly from fresh, ripe tomatoes, squeezed, cleaned of skins and seeds, enriched with a pinch of salt and stored in airtight packages. 

Try Casa Iuorio's tomato sauce

Not only vegetables, but also canned fruit

In addition to vegetables, fruit is another food that is often preserved. 

On our website you can find sweet and sour peaches, small unripe peaches that are picked from the tree before the stone is formed. They are then processed according to a traditional method handed down from generation to generation, in a natural way, and preserved in top quality wine vinegar.

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