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The Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti: A Gastronomic Treasure of Benevento

In the heart of the province of Benevento, San Marco dei Cavoti is not only a picturesque Italian village but also the cradle of an authentic gastronomic treasure: the Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti. This delightful nougat, known for its unique crunchiness and irresistible dark chocolate coating, has become a symbol of the region's culinary heritage.
The production of the Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti is an art that blends tradition and precision. The process begins with the delicate combination of honey and sugar in a nougat machine, expertly heated to a temperature of 80 degrees. The magic happens when the machine starts to spin at high speed, and the albumin, dissolved in water and carefully prepared the previous day, is incorporated into the mixture.
The next step is an example of pure craftsmanship: by reducing the speed of the machine, artisans skillfully add powdered sugar, vanilla, and almonds, previously preheated to reach the ideal dough temperature. This attention to detail ensures a perfect consistency and an unmistakable flavor.
Once spread into molds, the nougat is cut only after reaching optimal cooling, a crucial aspect to preserve its characteristic crunchiness. It is no surprise that the Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti is produced by numerous companies in Benevento, including the renowned Autore Chocolate, known for its commitment to adhering to ancient production rules.
The Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti is not just a sweet treat but a story of passion, tradition, and craftsmanship. It is a gastronomic journey that begins in the artisan kitchens of a small village in Benevento and reaches the most refined palates throughout Italy, bringing with it the history and culture of a land rich in flavors and traditions.

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