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Calamarata pasta artigianale prodotta con grano Italiano trafilata al bronzo
  • Calamarata pasta artigianale prodotta con grano Italiano trafilata al bronzo
  • Calamarata pasta artigianale prodotta con grano Italiano trafilata al bronzo

Vesuvio Artisan Pasta - Calamarata

Net weight: 500 g - 17.64 oz



Handmade short and ribbed "calamarata" pasta. Made with Italian durum wheat semolina and spring water from the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina, drawn with bronze moulds and slowly dried at low temperature.

500 g - 17.64 oz pack

COD: PST.0025.0500
EAN: 8052570770632
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
351 kcal 1489 kJ
1,02 g
of which saturated
0,20 g
of which sugars
4,5 g
13 g
12,3 g
0,02 g

Italian durum wheat semolina, spring water from the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina.

Contains gluten

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The shape is reminiscent of squid sliced in rings, the Neapolitan spirit suggests a typical recipe with squid, cherry tomatoes, the scent of white wine and parsley, the convivial expression of summer evenings by the sea.

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Pasta Calamarata: the perfect pasta for seafood dishes that will delight your palate

Calamarata pasta is a typical pasta of Campania cuisine, known for its squid-like shape, cut into rounds. Its shape makes it the perfect pasta for seafood dishes, such as the classic pasta with clams or mussel sauce. Its porous texture allows it to retain the sauce better, giving each bite an explosion of flavour. There is no doubt that Calamarata pasta is an excellent choice for seafood lovers who want to enjoy a unique and tasty pasta dish.

Discover the history and origins of Calamarata pasta

Calamarata pasta is a pasta that is typical of the culinary tradition of Campania, particularly the city of Naples. Its origin is uncertain, but it is thought to have been created around the 1930s. Initially it was used mainly for seafood dishes, especially with cuttlefish or seafood sauces. Its special shape makes it ideal for retaining sauces and ensuring even cooking. Calamarata pasta is a dish with an authentic and genuine taste that fully represents the culinary tradition of Campania.

The best sauces for this type of pasta

Calamarata pasta is perfect with many types of sauce, both from the sea and from the land. Among the seafood sauces, tomato and clam are classic, but always a winning choice. Tomato sauce, perhaps enriched with seafood such as prawns and squid, is perfect for the tubular shape of calamarata. Mussel sauce is another option to try, as is shrimp or prawn cream. For more earthy sauces, try Calamarata with meat sauce or porcini mushroom sauce. In any case, Calamarata pasta can take and enhance all kinds of sauces, creating dishes with a strong and intense flavour.