Vegetable products

Vegetable products

From our garden to the table: the best vegetables online

As per our slogan "from the land with love," we have a section dedicated to vegetable preserves. These products are fresh and seasonal, grown by our small local producers, harvested and processed by hand, and preserved according to specific standards that ensure their freshness and qualities. Buying canned  vegetables online will allow you to always have access to products that you may not find at your local fruit and vegetable store during certain seasons.

Vegetable preserves, dried legumes, and vegetable purées are all you need for a natural, healthy, and balanced diet.

Vegetable preserves in extra-virgin olive oil or in sweet and sour sauce

For those who wish to enjoy the taste of certain vegetables all year round, even when they are out of season and therefore unavailable, our online vegetable preserves come to the rescue.

They are preserved in oil or vinegar, or even in sweet and sour sauce, so you can enjoy them whenever you need to. Preserving vegetables in oil or vinegar is an ancient method that housewives used to prepare in the summer to have a supply for the winter. Among the vegetable preserves, the most common is tomato sauce, simple and made with few ingredients, used for first courses, as a pizza topping, or for many main courses and side dishes.

Dried legumes and their qualities

Dried legumes are simply edible seeds of certain plants. They are rich benefits for the body and can help prevent some disorders or diseases. "Their ability is to satisfy hunger and their low calorie content make them effective in fighting obesity. 

Legumes are useful against cholesterol, can reduce your blood sugar levels, and can raise and improve ferritin values. Among the dried legumes available on Il Tomolo, you can find lentils, beans, chickpeas, and many others.

How can they be consumed? You can cook dried legumes in many different ways: with pasta, as a side dish, or even cooked and chilled with a good salad.

The most beloved winter meal: vegetable purées

Whether it's made from pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, or a combination of vegetables, puréed soup is a must when you want to eat a warm and healthy meal. It's very easy to prepare, and there are numerous recipes for vegetable purées available online: simply chop the vegetables into small pieces, cook them with vegetable broth, purée them, and serve with bread croutons or other baked goods. Come and discover our selection of baked goods.

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