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Vesuvio Artisan Pasta - Fusillone

Net weight: 500 g - 17,64 oz



Pastificio Vesuvio's 'Fusillone' is a handmade, spiral-shaped pasta, similar to Fusillone Vesuviano, made with Italian durum wheat semolina and spring water from the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina, drawn with bronze moulds and slowly dried at low temperature.

500 g - 17.64 oz pack

COD: PST.0065.0500
EAN: 8052570770649
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
351 kcal - 1489 kJ
1,02 g
of which saturated
0,20 g
71,60 g
of which sugars
12,30 g
13 g
0,02 g

Italian durum wheat semolina, spring water from the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina.

Contains gluten

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The origin of Fusillone is uncertain; it is not clear which region of Italy it comes from. Some sources say it comes from Campania, while others say it comes from Apulia.

According to popular belief, Fusillone is a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

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Handmade Fusillone pasta

Fusillone is a handmade Italian pasta characterised by a long, narrow spiral shape. This pasta is perfect for creamy dishes thanks to its capacity to hold sauces and condiments, making them even tastier. The tradition and history of Fusillone dates back to ancient times. Today, thanks to handcrafted production, it is possible to enjoy a high quality product, prepared with selected ingredients and following traditional recipes.

Did you know the history of Fusillone?

Fusillone is an artisanal Italian pasta with an ancient origin and deep-rooted culinary tradition, when pasta was handmade and processed with care. Its long, rolled shape resembles a spiral and creates a perfect combination of pasta and sauces. Its history dates back to southern Italy, where it was made with simple ingredients such as flour and water. Processing was totally manual and required a lot of patience and skill. Today, Fusillone is still one of the most loved and appreciated artisanal pastas in Italy and around the world.

The best sauces to go with Fusillone

Fusillone is a handmade pasta that lends itself to many delicious combinations. The most popular sauces are those based on creamy cheese, such as the classic 'carbonara' or the rich 'alfredo'. But also tomato-based sauces, such as Neapolitan sauce or ragù, are perfect with fusillone, creating strong and intense flavour combinations. More delicate palates can opt for vegetable-based sauces, such as zucchini and mint sauce or "Pesto". In short, there are many ways to accompany Fusillone, to satisfy every culinary need.