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Much more than a simple unit of measurement, the Tomolo is the food ecommerce that aims to connect small-scale farmers with the general public through the sale of unique, artisanal food products of the highest quality.

This e-commerce, specialising in the selection and sale of typical Italian products, has a unique philosophy that reaches out to embrace producers and consumers alike.

In fact, Il Tomolo wants to provide agricultural businesses with an agile, intuitive and effective tool, useful for expanding their audience and increasing their Brand Awareness and, at the same time, chooses to engage in researching and identifying for end consumers the best products on the market, allowing them to choose from a selection of artisan products that can be purchased online.

An innovative modus operandi that translates into the daily commitment of the team of experts behind this ecommerce of typical Italian products, whose task is to ensure that each individual producer meets Il Tomolo's high quality standards.

In fact, several parameters imposed by food experts are taken into consideration during partner selection, which all producers in the catalogue must respect.

The raw materials used, the cultivation techniques employed, the food transformation processes, and the respective preservation methods become the object of study and analysis, and only after all criteria have been met is it possible to become part of the large Il Tomolo family.

The ultimate aim of all this is to select only unique, tasty and genuine products.

The Mission of our food ecommerce

To distribute excellent food products from the Italian territory by highlighting small local companies and bringing them directly into the homes of those who want high quality products through digital tools: this is our Mission, it is what we believe in and what we work for every day.