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On our portal we have selected for you the best craft beer online of the highest quality.

Our team of food experts has carefully selected master brewers in Italy who meet the criteria for production and processing of products. All our online beers are produced by small, local breweries that select the best raw materials and enhance the flavours.

From the most amber to the darkest, from the sweetest to the bitterest, you can now buy top quality beers online and enjoy them on any occasion.

The birth of craft beer in Italy

The origins of craft beer are very ancient, with roots dating back to around the 5th millennium BC, when the Sumerians, Egyptians and Babylonians were the main producers.

Until the middle of the 19th century, beer in Italy was consumed only by connoisseurs, as wine was the main drink in our country. Its production was therefore limited to a few small workshops.

It was not until the 1960s that beer became a widely consumed product.

Today, Italy ranks fourth in Europe in terms of the number of breweries and boasts the best craft beers in the world.

What is the difference between craft and industrial beer?

Obviously beer is one of those products that is very much in the mainstream, but let's see how craft beer differs from industrial beer:

  • Ingredients: Master brewers choose ingredients of much higher quality than those used in industry, starting with hops, malt, yeast, etc.
  • Production methods: Craft beer is not microfiltered or pasteurised, which makes it cloudier than industrial beer, which is clearer.
  • Shelf life: Craft beer is considered a 'fresh' product and should be consumed within the short time it is bottled.

Different types of craft beers online at Il Tomolo

In our portal we have carefully selected the best artisan beers that meet high quality standards.

Among them you will find different types. One of our brewers, 082tre, produces more than 6 different qualities of beer, each with its own style, linked to the tradition of a specific country.

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