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Handcrafted fruit juices, made from the best raw materials available in Italy. 

All our producers select and harvest the best fresh seasonal fruit by hand and transform it into an exceptional fresh and healthy drink. All juices are produced in the traditional way, without the addition of colouring agents or preservatives. 

Many variations are available: pear, peach, apricot, for those who love classic flavours, but also more unusual flavours such as annurca apple, for those who like to experiment. 

Fruit juices: a great solution for a healthy snack

There is nothing better, especially in the summer months, than snacking on a fresh, healthy fruit juice accompanied by a slice of cake or some homemade biscuits, such as our Castellammare biscuits.

It is the snack that appeals to adults and children alike, allows you to enjoy the flavours of nature and is the best source of energy for the body. 

Difference between home-made and packaged fruit juices

Our fruit juices are products of the highest quality, made from the best raw materials and without added sugar, colourings and preservatives. They are therefore healthy products, rich in beneficial properties and containing all the properties of fruit vitamins.

Packaged juices, on the other hand, are often made in much larger companies, using non-industrial methods and with processes that involve the addition of sugars, additives and preservatives that are very harmful to health. These can in fact lead to disorders such as weight gain and obesity, as well as increased insulin production. 

Fruit juices in glass to help the environment

Each juice is packaged in a practical, hermetically sealed glass bottle.

This has several benefits: glass allows better preservation of the product, as well as freshness and transparency. In addition, by buying juice in a glass bottle you help the environment as it is completely reusable and recyclable. 

You can reuse the small bottles to make vegetable preserves in oil, which are also available on our online portal, to create fun crafts with the children or to preserve whatever you want.

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