La Nicchia

Pantelleria green gems

“La Nicchia" is a farm, caper factory and artisan workshop with deep roots in the rich soil of Pantelleria, known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean. Founded in 1949 by Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio, La Nicchia has distinguished itself for its dedication to the production of Pantelleria capers and other specialties, always focusing on the quality of raw materials and processing, far from the logic of the market and close to tradition.

Over the years the management was passed on to Gabriele Lasagni who carried on the legacy of the late founders. Under is leadership the company has continued to flourish, expanding its range beyond capers to include a variety of by-products such as caper powder, caper leaves, cucunci (caper fruit), sauces and jams made from typical island fruits.

Today, La Nicchia is the only company in Pantelleria that integrates the entire production cycle of capers, from cultivation to artisanal processing, and is committed to preserving the culture and traditions of Pantelleria. The company is also committed to supporting the territory, investing in keeping the island's history and present alive and offering its products in the simplest and most elegant way.

The "La Nicchia" brand symbolizes the enhancement of the territory of Pantelleria through the selection of the best raw materials, processed with respect for their uniqueness. In addition to capers, the company offers a wide range of specialties, including crispy capers, caper powder and delicacies made from oranges, lemons, and sultanas, with the aim of spreading the island's flavors throughout the world.

By acting as a distribution partner, 'Il Tomolo' helps La Nicchia overcome logistical challenges and reach an international audience, ensuring that lovers of Mediterranean cuisine can enjoy the island's products wherever they are. This synergy between La Nicchia and Il Tomolo not only promotes Pantelleria agricultural heritage, but also helps to support the local economy by promoting the knowledge and appreciation of Pantelleria specialties on a global scale.

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