SPZ.0352.0240 SPZ.0352.0240
Cucunci, Pantelleria Caper Fruit in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cucunci, Pantelleria Caper Fruit in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Pantelleria Caper berries 'Cucunci' in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Nicchia

Net weight: 240 g - 8.47 oz
Drained weight: 132 g - 4.66 oz



Ready-to-use caper berries of medium size to ensure succulence, even after being preserved in oil.

Excellent to enrich rice salads and to season baked or grilled fish.

Exceptional to start an aperitif. Derived from Pantelleria capers grown without pesticides and with respect for nature.

COD: SPZ.0352.0240
EAN: 8004605013047
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
120 kcal - 502 kJ
10 g
of which saturated
3,0 g
3,0 g
of which sugars
0 g
4,5 g
6,0 g

Caper berries 55%, extra virgin olive oil

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Pantelleria's cucunci, also known as the fruit of the caper tree, offer a fascinating insight into the island's gastronomic wealth and Mediterranean agricultural traditions. They differ from capers, which are the buds of the plant, in that they are the fruits that develop after the flowers of Capparis spinosa. These oval fruits, between 1 and 3 cm long, are particularly prized for their unique flavour and nutritional properties.
Harvesting of the cucunci follows that of the capers and is done when the fruits have reached a green colour, the optimal time to harvest them before they continue to ripen to yellow and then brown. Once harvested, the cucunci undergo a preservation process, usually in salt or oil, which is necessary to soften their original bitter taste and make them ready for consumption. This process not only preserves the fruit but also enhances its taste, which varies from salty to sour, depending on the preparation.

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La Nicchia's care for the Pantelleria caper berries "Cucunci"

The producer of Cucunci, the Pantelleria caper berries, is so concerned about the quality of his product that he uses a pesticide-free cultivation method. This means that every step, from sowing to harvesting, is carried out with respect for the environment and the health of the consumer. The capers are grown naturally, allowing them to develop all their authentic flavour and beneficial properties. This focus on sustainable agriculture is one of the reasons why Pantelleria Capers Cucunci are so popular with those who choose to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Furthermore, the Cucunci are preserved in extra virgin olive oil, which not only enhances the flavour of the capers, but also helps to preserve their organoleptic characteristics over time. Thanks to this combination of care in cultivation and preservation, Cucunci di cappero di Pantelleria are a quality option for enriching dishes with their intense and genuine flavour.

How to use Cucunci in the kitchen

To get the most out of Pantelleria's caperberries preserved in extra virgin olive oil, it is essential to know how to use them correctly in the kitchen. These tasty ingredients can be a delicious addition to many dishes. For example, they can be cut into small pieces and added to salads or hors d'oeuvres to add a touch of salty, aromatic flavour. They can also be used as a condiment for pasta dishes, giving them a unique flavour and smooth texture. Caperberries can also be used to enrich sauces, gravies and marinades, adding a hint of acidity and intense flavour. With its authenticity and genuineness, Pantelleria