SPZ.0357.0220 SPZ.0357.0220
Pantelleria caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil
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Pantelleria caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil

La Nicchia

Net weight: 220 g - 7,76 oz



Selected leaves from the caper plant, which have a firm, crisp texture, offer a perfect mix of intense flavour and pleasant acidity. They are visually attractive in dishes and tasty on the palate. These leaves are optimal for adding flavour and decorating fish, meat and vegetable dishes both cooked and raw. Don't miss the opportunity to try them fried in batter.

COD: SPZ.0357.0220
EAN: 8004605012422
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
90 kcal - 377 kJ
8,4 g
of which saturated
2,5 g
1,3 g
of which sugars
0 g
2,1 g
4,0 g

59% extra virgin olive oil, 49% caper leaves

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The capers grown on the island of Pantelleria are interesting not only because of their characteristic and intense flavour, but also because of the unique way in which they are harvested. In Pantelleria, capers are harvested exclusively by hand, a traditional method that requires great skill and patience. This artisanal process, which does not involve the use of machinery, ensures that the capers are harvested at their optimum ripeness, thus preserving their flavour and characteristics.
Manual harvesting is an integral part of the island's agricultural culture and tradition. Capers are harvested at dawn, when the buds are still closed and before the heat of the sun affects their flavour. This laborious practice, together with Pantelleria's unique climatic conditions and volcanic soil, contribute to making the island's capers some of the most sought-after in the world.

The importance that la Nicchia attaches to the production of Pantelleria caper leaves

The production of Pantelleria Capers by La Nicchia places great emphasis on the quality and authenticity of the product. This artisan approach ensures that the caper leaves are carefully cultivated and harvested, preserving their unique flavour and nutritional properties. Furthermore, maturing in extra virgin olive oil not only enhances the flavour of the capers, but also preserves their freshness and texture. This attention to detail and provenance is what makes Pantelleria Capers so popular and sought after by gourmets around the world.

Best matching recipes for Pantelleria caper leaves

The best combinations for Pantelleria caper leaves vary according to personal taste and culinary preferences. These leaves, so aromatic and strong in flavour, are perfect with fish dishes, fresh salads and starters. They can be used to enrich a simple pasta dish or as a garnish for meat dishes. Their unique flavour and crunchy texture make them a perfect addition to many recipes, giving them a fresh and original touch. Pantelleria Capers are also an excellent choice for enriching vegetarian and vegan dishes, thanks to their versatility and unmistakable flavour.