SPZ.0351.0950 SPZ.0351.0950
Pantelleria Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Horeca
  • Pantelleria Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Horeca
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Pantelleria Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Horeca

La Nicchia

Net weight: 950 g - 33,51 oz
Drained weight: 523 g - 18,44 oz
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Ready to enjoy capers, small in size, ready to delight the palate with a pleasantly crunchy texture, small in size to retain their crunchy texture even when dipped in oil. They are perfect for adding flavour to rice salads and for seasoning roasted or grilled fish. They are also an excellent choice to enrich aperitifs on bread croutons or crackers.

COD: SPZ.0351.0950
EAN: 8004605014037
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
112 kcal - 496 kJ
9,6 g
of which saturated
3,0 g
2,3 g
of which sugars
0 g
4,1 g
5,4 g

Capers 55%, extra-virgin olive oil 45%.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

An interesting fact about capers grown on the island of Pantelleria is that they are famous not only for their distinctive and intense flavour, but also for the unique way in which they are harvested. In Pantelleria, capers are harvested strictly by hand, a traditional method that requires great skill and patience. This artisanal process, which avoids the use of machines, ensures that the capers are harvested at the exact moment of optimum ripeness, thus preserving their flavour and qualities.

This manual harvesting method is an integral part of the island's agricultural culture and tradition. Capers are harvested at dawn, when the buds are still closed and before the heat of the sun can affect their flavour. This painstaking process, combined with Pantelleria's unique climate and volcanic soil, makes the island's capers some of the most sought-after in the world.

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Pantelleria capers: La "Nicchia's" care at every stage of production

Pantelleria Capers, an Italian culinary treasure, are carefully handled at every stage of production to ensure the highest quality. From cultivation to storage, the producer is committed to natural and sustainable methods. The capers are grown without the use of pesticides, thus protecting the environment and the health of consumers. The uniqueness of these capers also lies in their preservation in extra virgin olive oil, which gives them a rich and valuable flavour. They are also produced exclusively on the island of Pantelleria, which guarantees their authenticity. For those who follow a vegan diet, Pantelleria Capers are the ideal choice, as they are completely free of ingredients of animal origin. The care taken by the producer at all stages of production makes Pantelleria capers a true culinary jewel, appreciated all over the world.

How can Pantelleria capers be used in the kitchen?

Pantelleria capers in extra virgin olive oil are a versatile ingredient that can be used to enrich many dishes. Their intense salty flavour is perfect with fish dishes such as spaghetti with clams or seafood salads. Capers can also be used to add a distinctive flavour to meat dishes such as roasts or braised meats. Their crunchy texture and pungent flavour also go well with vegetarian dishes such as fresh vegetable salads or legume soups. Thanks to their preservation in extra virgin olive oil, Pantelleria capers retain their flavour and keep for a long time, always guaranteeing the highest quality. Experimenting with Pantelleria capers in the kitchen is a way of adding a touch of originality and authenticity to your dishes.