Giovanni Cacciatore


Cacciatore was founded by Francesco in 1930 as a cattle farm in the area of San Stefano Quisquina, a small village in the heart of the Sicani Mountains, in the hinterland of Agrigento, Sicily.

The changing times, the passion for agriculture, the respect for nature, the genuineness of the products, the spirit of dedication and the attachment to one's roots, led Francesco's grandchildren, Giovanni, Francesco and Alessandro, to transform the company into a fruit and vegetable farm in the 90s.

The farm extends over 25 hectares in c.da Contuberna, at about 940 metres above sea level, and today includes several vegetable crops - tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, cauliflower, celery, onions - and lush orchards of apricot and cherry trees.

Vegetables grown in the mountains, where there are few parasites, are fertilised with manure from the sheep and cows that graze on the farm's land, which is irrigated by a system that uses water from two artificial lakes created on the farm, which in turn are fed by natural springs.

In 2008, the Cacciatore family realised the dream of every farmer, that of transforming their products, and built the building that houses the fruit and vegetable processing plant, where handicraft and technology are combined to produce Nonna Rosa's recipes, once only known to the family, and now available to their customers.

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