VST.0005.0200 VST.0005.0200

Sweet-and-sour Alife onion

Net weight: 200 g



Sweet and sour Alife onions. Slow Food Presidium

Elegant 200 g glass jar

COD: VST.0005.0200
EAN: 8052570770304
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
168 kcal - 703 kJ
of which saturated
0,90 g
of which sugars

Cipolla Alifana (77%), aceto balsamico, olio EVO, zucchero, sale, vino rosso, origano

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Antonietta Melillo's Sweet and Sour Onion has been awarded the Dino Villani 2020 prize by the Italian Academy of Cuisine for its organoleptic characteristics that make it pleasing to the palate.

It has an intense coppery colour, a sweet, aromatic but not pungent flavour, an excellent texture, crunchy and firm flesh, white with purplish reflections.

Cut into round slices and cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with balsamic vinegar and honey, it offers a pleasant contrast of flavours, ideal as an accompaniment to mature cheeses, as an hors d'oeuvre, as a side dish or on tasty bruschetta.

It may interest you

Sweet and sour onions: enrich your starters

Sweet and sour onions are a quick and easy side dish to prepare. The Azienda Agricola Antonietta Melillo sweet and sour onions are made with top quality raw materials, carefully selected and processed using traditional techniques.

Sweet and sour is generally made with a mixture of white wine vinegar and sugar. As well as being used as a seasoning, sweet and sour was also used in the past to preserve food before the advent of modern refrigeration.

The best pairings for sweet and sour onions

Sweet and sour onion is a very versatile food, here are some ideas for tasty dishes:

  • As a starter, spread on slices of toast
  • As a seasoning in a meat dish, to make it tastier
  • With cured meats and cheeses and a good glass of red wine.

The sweet and sour onion recipe

The preparation of sweet and sour onions is very simple. The most important thing is the choice of onions, which must be of good quality.

Simply slice the onion thinly and fry in a little oil for a few minutes. Mix the water, wine vinegar and sugar separately and add it to the browned onions to cook everything together. At the end, add some salt to taste and serve.