VST.0353.0180 VST.0353.0180

Pistachio Pesto

Net weight: 180 g - 6.35 oz



Prepared using traditional methods, Sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil, this pesto brings a classic Sicilian gastronomic tradition to the table.

Excellent as a base for the preparation of original and tasty pasta dishes.

COD: VST.0353.0180
EAN: 8033837800200
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
718 kcal - 3004 kJ
71,9 g
of which saturated
11,1 g
6,6 g
of which sugars
4 g
9 g
0 g

PISTACHIO (60%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... On the last Sunday of September and the first of October, the Pistachio Festival is held in the historic centre of Bronte. The uniqueness of this event is linked to the uniqueness of this product, which attracts thousands of tourists, even from abroad, to taste and buy products made from this particular type of pistachio.

Its cultivation in Sicily has ancient roots, dating back to the Arab-Norman period, and since then it has become one of the typical products of the island's gastronomy.

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Top quality pistachio pesto

The choice of pistachios used to make pesto is fundamental to obtaining a top quality condiment. Using the best quality pistachios, such as the Sicilian pistachios used to make Pistachio Pesto, is the best choice to guarantee an authentic and intense flavour. The artisan processing of the ingredients results in a unique product with an inimitable flavour. Pistachio Pesto, made with top quality pistachios, not only enriches dishes with its rich and creamy flavour, but is also a tribute to the Sicilian culinary tradition and its passion for excellent products.

Gourmet recipes with pistachio pesto

Given its refinement, it is not easy to find this type of condiment, but when it is available, it adds a touch of class to even the simplest dishes. Here are some dishes that go well with pesto:

Pasta with tuna and pistachio pesto 

The secret lies in the quality of the ingredients: in addition to the pistachio pesto, we recommend Mediterranean red tuna and a grating of lemon rind before serving.

Penne with pistachio pesto

Compared to the classic recipe, this one replaces the bacon with cooked ham, making the flavour more aromatic and intense, and reducing the amount of cream in favour of the pesto. As special as it is tasty, it is easy and quick to prepare.

Fusilli with pistachio pesto and cherry tomatoes

A dish that combines all the typical flavours of the Mediterranean with the simplicity of short pasta for a quick and tasty lunch.

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