082tre Microbirrificio Artigianale

Craft beer producer

Microbrewery 0823 owes its name to the prefix of the province of Caserta, the reference to the roots and traditions of its land is the bond that has led to the meeting of three passions and three professionals from the world of Caserta brewing.

The productive excellence of the territory is skilfully used to give life to a new brewing concept that combines the modernity of a state-of-the-art production plant with the tradition that has always been linked to the practice of buffalo breeding and the flourishing agriculture of "Terra Felix", so dear to the ancient Romans.

The pairing of food and beer is based on the master brewers' in-depth knowledge of the organoleptic characteristics of beer and their awareness that enhancing the territory, traditions and typical products means safeguarding the cultural identity of a land, its people and the specificity of "Made in Italy", which is recognised throughout the world.

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