VBA.0053.0330 VBA.0053.0330

'God Hand's' Craft Beer Tripel Style



God's Hand is a beer that is the result of the fusion of a Belgian Tripel with the addition of orange honey and peels of the special Cedar 'Buddha's Hand'. This beer is distinguished by its intense golden colour and amber hues, crowned by a fine, long-lasting white foam. On first tasting, fruity and spicy aromas, characteristic of Belgian yeast, and citrusy hints from the cedar peels emerge. On the palate, flavours of candied fruit, particularly citron, are revealed, blending with the sweetness of the malt. Towards the finish, the sweetness of orange honey is perceived, which finds a perfect balance with the herbaceous taste of the hops.

COD: VBA.0053.0330
EAN: 8052570772018

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