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Craft Beer 'Midori' Ipa

Net weight: 330 ml
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The Midori IPA is a very popular style of beer characterized by a strong hoppy aroma often accompanied by a high alcohol content.

Alcohol content: 6.5%

Serving temperature: 5/6° C.

Recommended glass: Goblet.

COD: VBA.0050.0330
EAN: 8052570771981

Water, Barley Malt, Oat Malt, Hops, Yeast.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Many believe that IPA was created to survive the long sea voyages from England to the Indian colonies in the 18th century. According to folklore, regular beer did not survive the voyage, so it was fortified with hops and a higher alcohol content to help it survive the voyage. George Hodgson, an English merchant, is often cited as the key figure in promoting IPA in India.

The Midori IPA: Discover the secrets of this craft beer

The Midori IPA is a craft beer brewed using traditional methods and a secret recipe that makes it a unique beverage. This beer is characterised by its intense flavour and higher alcohol content compared to other beers. The beer is brewed using a high-temperature fermentation process, which results in a rich and aromatic flavour. In addition, high quality ingredients such as selected hops and malt are used during production, giving the beer a unique and distinctive character. Midori IPA is an ideal choice for craft beer lovers looking for a unique and memorable taste experience.

Food pairing with Midori IPA

Midori IPA is an extremely versatile craft beer that lends itself to bold and surprising food pairings. Thanks to its intense flavour and the distinctive character imparted by the high-quality ingredients used in its production, Midori IPA complements a wide range of dishes perfectly. For lovers of strong flavours, this beer pairs perfectly with mature cheeses and quality cured meats, creating a balance between the intense flavour of the beer and the complexity of the cheeses and meats. In addition, Midori IPA's aromatic profile makes it a great accompaniment to spicy dishes such as curry, tacos or Asian cuisine. Finally, its high alcohol content makes it an excellent accompaniment to savoury meat dishes such as gourmet burgers or barbecued ribs. Experiment and be surprised by the versatility of Midori IPA, a beer that elevates the culinary experience to a higher level.