VBA.0052.0330 VBA.0052.0330

Tauriel" Coffee Brown Ale

Net weight: 330 ml

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Tauriel combines the characteristics of a brown ale with those of coffee. This combination results in a complex and enveloping beer, ideal for lovers of full-bodied beers.

Alcohol content: 5.0%.

Serving temperature: 6/8 degrees centigrade.

COD: VBA.0052.0330
EAN: 8052570772001

Water, Barley Malt, Coffee Catuai 62, Hops, Yeast.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

While coffee is traditionally associated with darker, robust beers such as stouts or porters, brown ales feature a range of malts that can interact with coffee in fascinating ways. Brown ales are particularly malty and can have hints of caramel, chocolate and nuts. When coffee is added, it's not just about imposing a coffee flavour on the beer; the compounds in coffee can actually interact with these malts to create new and complex flavour profiles.

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Journey into the making of Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale

Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale is a craft beer, the result of a meticulous and detailed production process. A fundamental element that characterises this beer is the use of the best ingredients available on the market. The coffee, for example, is carefully selected to ensure a robust and intense flavour that perfectly complements the sweet and smooth notes provided by the malt. But it's not just the choice of ingredients that makes the difference, because Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale is produced according to a strict process of controlled fermentation. This results in a high quality, balanced beer with a unique flavour profile. Each step, from blending to maturation, is carefully monitored to ensure a superior product. In conclusion, Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale is the result of a passionate journey in craft beer production, skilfully combining the use of the best ingredients and controlled fermentation to offer beer lovers an unforgettable experience.

Best food matches for Tauriel

Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale is a craft beer that offers a unique taste experience, thanks to the balance between selected ingredients and the rigorous controlled fermentation process. But what better way to fully appreciate its aromatic nuances than by pairing it with the right foods? Tauriel's deep roasted flavour and light coffee notes make it the perfect accompaniment to meat-based dishes such as grilled steaks or gourmet burgers. Its medium body and delicate sweetness also go well with mature cheeses and dark chocolate. Try Tauriel Coffee Brown Ale with a selection of blue cheeses or a chocolate dessert and discover how these clever pairings can further enhance the tasting experience. So let your curiosity lead you and experiment.