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"Fior di Sale di Trapani" Orange-flavoured salt

Net weight: 120 g - 4.23 oz
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Orange-flavoured Fior di sale is a very versatile product because of its ability to flavour dishes in an original and tasty way.

Ideal for fish dishes, salads and desserts.

COD: SPZ.0105.0120
EAN: 8056093970111

Whole Sea Salt, Sicilian Orange Peel.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Fior di sale all'arancia is a very special sea salt, rich in minerals and with a fresh, citrus flavour. Its intense aroma is due to the presence of orange essence, which gives this salt its invigorating and energising properties.

As far as its use in the kitchen is concerned, Orange Salt Flower can be used both as a seasoning and as a decorative element. Thanks to its intense flavour, it goes well with many dishes: red or white meat, fish, grilled vegetables or salads are just some of the dishes that can be accompanied by this spice. Moreover, as its crystals are thinner than those of ordinary table salt, it can also be used on delicate dishes or in the preparation of various desserts such as biscuits, ice cream and parfaits.

Orange Fior Di Sale: Let's discover its characteristics

A journey into the world of Orange Fior Di Sale is an experience not to be missed. This sea salt is obtained through a slow crystallisation process that produces very fine and delicate crystals, making it a slow food product and a whole salt. Its fresh, citrus aroma makes it a very special ingredient to use in cooking. From a nutritional point of view, this salt is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium and, like any other type of salt, should be used in moderation.

In short, Orange Fior Di Sale is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in many different dishes. We invite you to discover all its characteristics!

Find out more about Orange Fior di Sale: Properties and benefits

Orange Salt Flower is a type of slowly crystallised sea salt. Like all salts, it is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. In addition, the essence of the orange gives it a fresh, citrusy aroma that distinguishes it from other table salts.

From a nutritional point of view, orange blossom salt has many beneficial properties and it is advisable to consume it in moderation. For example, it is believed to have an invigorating and revitalising effect on the body and mind. It is also helpful in aiding digestion and removing excess fluid from the body. It is also effective in relaxing muscles and soothing skin irritations. It can also be used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma and the flu.  Moreover, its low sodium content makes it a good choice for people who need to limit their dietary sodium intake.

Other types of Fior di Sale

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