SPZ.0107.0120 SPZ.0107.0120

Fior di Sale di Trapani Flavoured with Thyme

Net weight: 120 g



Thyme-flavored fleur de sel has balsamic, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties that contribute to the well-being of our body. Ideal for seasoning fish and legume dishes.

COD: SPZ.0107.0120
EAN: 8056093970265

Integral Sea Salt, Sicilian Thyme.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Thyme has long been considered a sacred plant in ancient Greece. The Greeks used to burn sprigs of thyme in their temples as an offering to the gods, believing that the scent of thyme was a form of purification and could instill courage. The name "thyme" itself derives from the Greek "thymos," meaning "courage" or "spirit," reflecting the symbolic importance the plant had in ancient Mediterranean cultures.

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Characteristics of Thyme Fleur de Sel

Thyme Fleur de Sel is a premium, Slow Food, integral product with a thousand properties. It is a sea salt harvested by hand, with the addition of the precious aroma of thyme. Thyme, an ancient ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, is known for its numerous benefits. This exclusive blend makes Thyme Fleur de Sel a boon for health: moreover, it helps to add flavor to all your recipes!