VST.0655.0200 VST.0655.0200

Sauce With Green Asparagus

Net weight: 200 g - 7.05 oz



Our vegetarian green asparagus sauce is made with the finest asparagus from the Treviso plain. The asparagus is harvested quickly during a short period of the year, preserving its unmistakable flavour. We process the asparagus immediately to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics.

COD: VST.0655.0200
EAN: 8054392520167
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
220 kcal - 980 kJ
1,85 g
of which saturated
0,78 g
4,70 g
of which sugars
4,012 g
1,30 g
1,70 g
1,90 g

Asparagus tips and pieces, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, rice starch, honey, pepper, natural flavouring

Acidity regulator: lactic acid

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... The preparation of this sauce dates back to the Middle Ages, when asparagus was considered a precious and rare food. Initially, asparagus sauce was only prepared on special occasions, such as weddings or religious holidays, but over time it spread throughout Italy and became a common dish in Italian gastronomy.

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The value of green asparagus sauce

Green asparagus sauce is appreciated for its goodness and authenticity, thanks in part to the presence of asparagus, a quality ingredient used in its preparation. Asparagus is rich in health benefits, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help protect our bodies. In addition, the presence of this ingredient in the ready-made sauce gives it an intense flavour and aroma typical of spring. Thanks to the use of high quality ingredients, Asparagus Sauce is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a tasty and nutritious dish.

Simplicity and speed in the kitchen: how to make the most of asparagus sauce

Asparagus sauce is an excellent solution for those looking for a tasty and quick seasoning in the kitchen. Thanks to its ease of use, you simply pour it into the pot with the pasta and you're ready to go. But it can also be used in creative ways, for example as a base for a pizza or as a topping for a rice dish. Asparagus sauce is also perfect for those looking for a light and healthy alternative to traditional sauces.

Nutritional properties of the sauce: the contribution of asparagus to your diet

Asparagus sauce is a great choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to traditional ready-made sauces. Asparagus is a vegetable rich in beneficial properties for our body:

  • It contains a large amount of vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin K, and minerals, such as iron and calcium
  • It has a natural diuretic effect and can help improve kidney function

Thanks to the presence of asparagus, the sauce becomes an excellent source of essential nutrients, perfect for a balanced and healthy diet. Due to these properties, sauce with green asparagus is a real alternative to the more famous ready-made sauces.