VST.0313.0300 VST.0313.0300

Yellow "Datterino" Ready Sauce with Anchovies

Net weight: 300 g - 10.58 oz



Ready made yellow datterino sauce with anchovies is a product that embodies the culinary tradition of southern Italy. Its recipe has been handed down from generation to generation until it reached our tables. The choice of yellow tomatoes and fresh anchovies gives this sauce an authentic and genuine taste, capable of enhancing the flavours of the dishes with which it is combined. This product is the result of a long history of passion and devotion to cooking, which transforms into an experience of taste and tradition for those who use it in the kitchen.

COD: VST.0313.0300
EAN: 8055186966499
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
145 kcal 608 kJ
9,1 g
of which saturated
1,4 g
11 g
of which sugars
11 g
3,1 g
3,9 g
1,2 g

Yellow date tomatoes (88%), extra virgin olive oil (8%), anchovies (1%), sunflower seed oil, sea salt

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... The yellow datterino tomato is different from other tomatoes because of its elongated shape and characteristic yellow colour, which makes it very appetising and attractive on the table. Thanks to its soft and juicy texture, it is ideal for preparing sauces and gravies, such as the tasty ready-made Yellow Datterino Sauce with Anchovies, which allows you to enjoy all the flavour and tradition of Sicilian cuisine in one dish.

It may interest you

The quality of the ingredients in Ready Made Yellow Datterino Sauce with Anchovies: an added value for the kitchen

The Yellow Datterino and Anchovy Ready Sauce is a high quality product made with selected, genuine ingredients. The choice of yellow dates, with their sweet and delicate flavour, and fresh anchovies, with their meaty texture and intense taste, give the sauce a unique and unmistakable aroma. This attention to the quality of the ingredients is an added value for the kitchen, as it guarantees a healthy and tasty product, perfect for preparing quick and rich dishes. In addition, the sauce's artisanal preparation using traditional methods helps to preserve the natural flavours and aromas of the ingredients for an authentic and satisfying culinary experience.

Quick and easy: ready-to-use Yellow Datterino Sauce with Anchovies for everyone

The Ready Made Yellow Datterino Sauce with Anchovies is the ideal choice for those who want a product that is quick and easy to use in the kitchen. Thanks to its ease of use, just heat it up for a few minutes and the sauce is ready to be used in the preparation of tasty and nutritious pasta dishes. This ready-made sauce is also perfect for those who are short of time but do not want to compromise on taste and quality. This product can be used in many creative recipes, e.g. for seasoning pasta, preparing tasty sauces for meat or vegetables. 

Benefits and features: a tasty and healthy flavour

The Yellow Datterino and Anchovy Ready Sauce is a product that not only guarantees a tasty flavour, but is also a good alternative for those looking for healthy food. This sauce is characterised by:

  • Low in saturated fat, which helps to keep blood cholesterol levels low
  • The presence of antioxidants, which help to prevent cellular ageing

Moreover, thanks to the choice of fresh and natural ingredients such as yellow dates and anchovies, Yellow Date and Anchovy Sauce is free from preservatives and artificial additives, offering a healthy and genuine alternative to industrial sauces.