VST.0312.0320 VST.0312.0320

"Nonna Marì" - Crunchy Pepper Sauce

Net weight: 320 g - 11.29 oz



Crusco Pepper Sauce is a tasty and characteristic addition to Lucanian cuisine. It is made with dried peppers, tomatoes, seasoned ricotta and garlic. The result is a creamy sauce that gives pasta or bread an extra touch of flavour.

COD: VST.0312.0320
EAN: 8055186965591
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
107 kcal - 447 kJ
7,0 g
of which saturated
1,3 g
7,0 g
of which sugars
6,0 g
2,8 g
2,5 g
0,3 g

Tomatoes 42%, Datterino tomatoes 42%, dried peppers, extra virgin olive oil, matured cow ricotta, garlic.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... Crusco pepper is produced only in certain areas of Basilicata and is hand-picked to preserve its unique aroma and flavour. Try Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco for an authentic and delicious culinary experience!

Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco: a great alternative recipe

Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco is a tasty and healthy dish that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The recipe uses high quality ingredients such as organic and local 'crusi' peppers, ripe tomatoes and fresh spices. The history of the product goes back to the ancient culinary traditions of Basilicata, where Crusco pepper is used in many typical dishes. Crusco Pepper Sauce can be used as a seasoning for home-made pasta, as a base for vegetable soups or as a seasoning for meat. It can also be combined with seasoned cheese and fresh bread for a complete and tasty meal. 

Health benefits of Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco and Peperoni Cruschi

Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco is a healthy choice thanks to the use of high quality, organic and local ingredients. In particular, the Crusco pepper, the main ingredient of the sauce, is known for its many health benefits. This type of pepper is grown and processed in the traditional way, guaranteeing the highest quality and preserving its nutritional properties. The benefits of Crusco pepper include:

  • High level of  vitamin C, antioxidants and carotenoids, useful for boosting the immune system and preventing cardiovascular and degenerative diseases
  • It is low in calories and fat, making it an excellent choice for those on a balanced diet

Products related to Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco for a complete tasting

For a complete tasting of Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco, it is important to combine it with related products of the same quality. An ideal choice would be home-made pasta, such as the typical fusilli from Gragnano, which can enhance the flavour of the sauce thanks to their porous texture that retains the sauce. Crusco pepper sauce also goes well with mature cheeses such as pecorino or caciocavallo podolico. Finally, we recommend serving fresh, crusty bread, perhaps homemade with organic flour and sourdough. This is the best way to appreciate the goodness of this product, which embodies the authentic flavours of Lucania's culinary tradition.

History and tradition of Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco: an authentic culinary experience

Sugo Pronto al Peperone Crusco is a speciality of the Basilicata region, where Crusco pepper has been used for centuries in many typical recipes. This sauce is still made using the traditional method, which consists of slowly cooking San Marzano tomatoes with Crusco pepper, which is then dried in the sun and preserved in oil. This preparation gives the sauce an intense and authentic taste, reminiscent of the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine.