Luchino was born in Modica, a city declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. This is where Luca was born and grew up, and where he made his dream come true: to open a chocolate shop.
For over 10 years, Luchino's laboratories have been producing Modica chocolate according to traditional recipes and PGI regulations. However, without renouncing innovation, it is possible to find, in addition to the traditional, chocolate bars in different flavours, as well as many other exquisite products.

Care for the raw material

The cocoa used in the preparations is strictly organic and comes from producer cooperatives in Peru, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ecuador and Madagascar, and is the basis for the creation of a unique raw chocolate.

The best qualities of cocoa are selected to obtain a high quality product that respects the consumer's well-being.

The other ingredients, such as almonds and pistachios, are proudly Sicilian and selected with equal care.

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