DLC.0114.0100 DLC.0114.0100

Modica IGP Marsala Flavoured Chocolate Bar


Net weight: 100 g



Marsala is one of the most iconic products of Sicilian culture. Its sweet, intense, smooth, and harmonious flavor perfectly complements convivial moments after meals and often pairs well with chocolate. This chocolate bar is the fusion of these two elements, creating a rich and elegant taste. Luchino carefully selects the natural aroma of Marsala from the finest local Sicilian varieties.

COD: DLC.0114.0100
EAN: 8034094249184
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
544 kcal - 2194 kJ
31.9 g
of which saturated
18.8 g
49.3 g
of which sugars
38.3 g
8.7 g
0.02 g

Cocoa mass (min 50%), cane sugar, natural Marsala flavor (0.3%).

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Marsala was one of the first Italian wines to be protected by a legal directive, similar to the concept of the Denomination of Origin. The enactment of this law in 1963 laid down the rules for the production of Marsala, describing the characteristics of the wine, the production area and the wine-making techniques. Thanks to this measure, Marsala was protected from imitations and its quality was guaranteed.

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Distinctive Characteristics of Modica Chocolate IGP

Modica IGP chocolate is distinguished by a set of unique features that make it a precious and irreplaceable product. Firstly, it is processed cold, without the addition of butter and milk, according to ancient tradition. This production method gives Modica IGP chocolate a grainy and crunchy texture, which melts slowly in the mouth, providing a unique sensory experience. Moreover, Modica IGP chocolate is characterized by an intense and decisive flavor, resulting from the use of high-quality ingredients such as selected cocoa and cane sugar. Thanks to its millennia-old history and processing techniques handed down from generation to generation, Modica IGP chocolate represents a culinary excellence that carries with it all the authenticity and flavor of the Sicilian territory.

Meaning of IGP

The term IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) is a recognition granted by the European Union that guarantees the origin and typicality of a food product, in the specific case of Modica chocolate. Obtaining the IGP designation means that the production of the chocolate meets rigorous quality standards and follows a traditional and specific method passed down through generations. This quality mark ensures that Modica chocolate is produced exclusively within the designated geographic area and according to local traditions. Thanks to this indication, consumers can be certain of purchasing an authentic and high-quality product that encompasses the history and identity of Modica.