VST.0402.0580 VST.0402.0580

Whole Lattari Mountains 'Corbarì' cherry tomatoes

Net weight: 560 g - 19.75 oz
Drained weight: 400 g - 14.11 oz



The whole tomatoes from the Monti Lattari are a high-quality product, hand-picked to preserve their quality, and no chemicals are used throughout the cultivation process.

COD: VST.0402.0580
EAN: 8018765000854
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
21.9 kcal - 91.7 kJ
0.3 g
of which saturated
0 g
3.7 g
of which sugars
3.7 g
0 g
0 g

Pomodorini interi non pelato in salsa di pomodoro

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The name "Monti Lattari" originates from the fact that these areas were once grazing and cattle breeding grounds where the renowned "mozzarella di bufala" cheese was produced. Additionally, the whole tomatoes from the Monti Lattari are protected by a quality label that certifies their origin and typicality.

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Whole tomatoes from the Lattari Mountains: a treasure of Mediterranean cuisine

Whole tomatoes from the Lattari Mountains are a treasure of Mediterranean cuisine thanks to their traditional cultivation and unique quality. These cherry tomatoes grow on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains in the province of Salerno, where the rich, fertile soil and mild climate of the Tyrrhenian coast create ideal conditions for natural, sustainable cultivation.

How to cook whole Lattari tomatoes: ideas for creative dishes

Whole tomatoes are a versatile and tasty ingredient that can be used in many recipes. Thanks to their intense sweet flavour, they are ideal for preparing simple but tasty dishes such as tomato salads, bruschettas or sandwiches. Whole cherry tomatoes from the Lattari Mountains can also be used to make sauces and gravies, such as pizzaiola sauce or tomato sauce for pasta. If you are looking for even more creative ideas, try using cherry tomatoes to enrich a rice dish. In short, the possibilities are endless and delicious. Don't hesitate to experiment and discover all the flavours of the whole tomatoes of the Lattari Mountains.