SPZ.0109.1000 SPZ.0109.1000

Coarse unrefined sea salt - Trapani Salt Pans - Slow Food Presidium

Net weight: 1 kg - 35.27 oz



This special type of coarse-grained wholemeal salt is particularly suitable for salting pasta water, brine, fish and meat. In addition, this salt is also a product of the Slow Food Presidium, a mark of high quality.

COD: SPZ.0109.1000
EAN: 8056093970012

Whole Sea Salt

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that ... whole sea salt is made by a natural drying process of seawater, without any use of chemicals.

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Characteristics of Trapani coarse whole salt

Trapani Coarse Wholegrain Salt is a quality product of artisan origin, produced according to traditional methods. The particularity of this salt is its coarser grain compared to other types of salt, which makes it ideal for seasoning dishes evenly. In addition, the artisan production process guarantees the purity of the final product, as no additives or chemical preservatives are used in the production process. Thanks to its characteristics, Trapani coarse whole-wheat salt has been included among the products of the Slow Food Presidia, a testimony to its cultural and gastronomic value.

Health benefits of whole-wheat salt

Trapani coarse whole-wheat salt is an artisanal product, a Slow Food Presidium, that offers numerous health benefits thanks to its high content of minerals and essential trace elements. This type of salt is obtained through a process of natural drying and grinding in stainless steel, which preserves all the nutritional properties of sea salt. Among the minerals found in Trapani coarse-grained salt are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, all of which are important for the proper functioning of our body.

Trapani coarse-grained coarse-grain salt as Slow Food Presidium

Trapani Coarse Wholemeal Salt has been recognised as a Slow Food Presidium, an international network dedicated to the protection and promotion of quality traditional food. This certification has been achieved thanks to the artisanal processing and the origin of the salt, which comes from the salt pans of Trapani, Sicily. Supporting local and traditional products such as Trapani's whole-wheat salt means not only promoting the culture and culinary traditions of the area, but also contributing to the protection of the environment and local communities.