SPZ.0108.1000 SPZ.0108.1000

Unrefined Sea Salt - Trapani Salt Pans - Slow Food Presidium

Net weight: 1 kg - 35.27 oz



This special type of fine salt is ideal for seasoning salads and all your favourite dishes. This salt is also a Slow Food Presidium product, which indicates high quality.

COD: SPZ.0108.1000
EAN: 8056093970005

Whole Sea Salt

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that ... whole sea salt is made by a natural drying process of seawater, without any use of chemicals.

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The production of Trapani Salt: an ancient story to be handed down

This product is an integral part of the culture and history of Sicily, a cultural heritage that must be preserved and passed on to future generations. Today, salt is still produced by hand, using traditional methods that respect the environment and the health of consumers. Enhancing the value of Trapani salt not only helps to support the local economy, but also promotes the culture and tradition of an area that has much to offer.

Slow Food and the Presidium of Artisan Whole Salt: A commitment to health

Slow Food is an international organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable and high-quality food production. One of its Presidia is the finely ground artisanal whole-wheat salt from Trapani. Thanks to Slow Food's work, this product has been recognised as an outstanding example of Sicilian culinary tradition, produced using methods that respect the environment and the health of consumers. Thanks to the commitment of Slow Food and the promotion of the Presidium of Artisan Whole Salt, it is possible to preserve the culture and history of the region and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of Trapani Salt

The Slow Food Presidium artisan whole-wheat ground salt is a product of excellence that goes far beyond its unique and intense flavour. In fact, this salt is rich in beneficial properties for our organism. Thanks to its artisanal processing, whole-wheat salt retains all its properties, including its mineral and trace element content. Unlike ordinary salt, which is refined to remove most of its nutrients, artisan whole-wheat salt is a complete and healthy food. Using it in the kitchen not only gives our dishes a unique taste, but also allows us to consume minerals that are essential for our well-being.