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Italy is among the world's leading producers, as well as consumers and exporters, of wine. 

We have selected for you the best Italian wine, made by wineries in our territory. The production process follows traditional methods and starts with the selection of the best raw materials.

The most famous Italian regions for wine production are Sicily, Tuscany and Piedmont, but high-quality wines are produced all over our country.

The richness and vastness of the Italian wine scene is favoured by the heterogeneity of the geo-climatic conditions of the territory: each region can in fact boast an enormous wealth of wine types, but at the same time, even within the same region, it is possible to distinguish between different production areas.

White wines

White wine is obtained from the pressing of white grapes without the skin, it has a tendentially yellow colour and the optimum temperature for consumption is between 8 and 14°C, beyond which a bitterish aftertaste can be detected.

Its bouquet is generally floral and fruity and is paired with fish dishes, white meat, or with flavours that are not too strong.

Among the best white wines on our portal, you can find Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G or even Fiano di Avellino, produced by the Macchialupa company.

Red Wines

Red wine, unlike white wine, is obtained by processing fresh grapes together with their coloured skins and is best enjoyed at higher temperatures than white wine (between 14 and 20°C). 

The aroma is more intense and spicy and its colour varies from warmer red to orangey shades. Red wine usually accompanies red meat, cheese or rich first courses

Among the most common red wines on our website you can find Taurasi D.O.C.G. or even Aglianico Campano, both with a dry, warm and smooth taste.

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