Riviera dei Limoni

Production of liqueurs typical of the Sorrento Coast

Riviera dei Limoni was founded in 1998 in the magical setting of the Sorrento Peninsula.

A passion for tradition is the basis of a philosophy that, before becoming a company, is the custom of the Pollio family.

The production of liqueurs strictly follows traditional recipes, using high quality, strictly local raw materials, respecting both the territory and the customers, always offering a genuine artisan product, without resorting to the use of artificial flavourings.

The flagship of the Riviera dei Limoni is the very emblem of the Sorrento peninsula: Limoncello, obtained exclusively from the cold infusion of the zest of PGI Sorrento lemons, naturally rich in essential oils and larger than traditional lemons.

The lemons are peeled, the kernels peeled and the fennel flowers picked with great care by highly specialised personnel in order to minimise the time between the removal of the peel and the maceration of the flowers in neutral ethyl alcohol.

One last point: the sugar that La Riviera dei Limoni uses to prepare the syrups that form the basis of its production comes from the processing of sugar beet grown exclusively in Italy.

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