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Chocolate-covered coconut bars

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An elegant box in a delicate sky-blue containing 300g of delicious bars with a sublime combination of coconut covered in the finest dark chocolate.

COD: DLC.0018.0300
EAN: 8032680004407
Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The coconut is actually a nut, not a fruit! More precisely, it is a drupe, a type of fruit with a central core surrounded by a hard shell. This means that the coconut is closely related to other fruits such as peaches, cherries and plums. The edible part of the coconut, the white flesh we like to eat, is called the endosperm. Another interesting detail is that coconuts can float on water. This ability has helped them spread across the oceans and colonise new areas. Once they land on a beach, they can sprout and grow into a new coconut palm. That's why you'll find coconut palms on the shores of many tropical islands.

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The tradition of Croccantini di San Marco dei Cavoti

San Marco dei Cavoti is a town in Benevento famous for its delicious crunchy nougat covered in dark chocolate, known as "Croccantino di San Marco dei Cavoti". It is made by placing honey and sugar in a nougat machine and heating it to 80 degrees. The machine is then run at high speed and albumin dissolved in water the day before is added; the machine is then slowed down to the lowest speed and powdered sugar, vanilla and preheated almonds at the same temperature as the mixture are sprinkled in. The product is poured into special moulds and cut when it has cooled to the right temperature. Crunchy nougat is also produced in Benevento by numerous companies that respect the ancient traditional rules of production, but have exported the product beyond the regional borders, making it a delicacy that can be enjoyed all over Italy.

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