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Torcetto al Burro di Castellammare di Stabia

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Torcetti al Burro, typical of Castellammare di Stabia, are a great choice for your moments of relaxation or as delightful cookies to offer to your guests.

COD: PFR.0018.0150
EAN: 8052570771240

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable margarine, salt, butter, brewer's yeast, cocoa, malt, flavorings.

May contain traces of egg. 

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Intriguing is the origin of torcetti, whose history tells of a casual birth among ancient rural ovens. The flattened fragments of bread dough, carefully sprinkled with sugar or honey, found their refuge on the edge of the oven. With the fervor of the flames surrounding them, those fragments cooked, assuming the characteristic shape of a torcetto.

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History of Torcetto al Burro

In the local culture and gastronomy of Castellammare di Stabia, Torcetto al Burro holds a prominent place. This traditional sweet is a symbol of the pastry art of this charming Italian city. Its history is rooted in the ancient culinary tradition of the region, and every bite of this delicious cookie evokes centuries of passion and skill in the preparation of sweets. Torcetto al Burro from Castellammare di Stabia is particularly loved and appreciated during special occasions, such as weddings, religious holidays, and local celebrations. Its characteristic shape recalls the typical Neapolitan Graffa, in a smaller and revised version. Its irresistible aroma and crumbly texture make it an unforgettable taste experience. For the inhabitants of Castellammare di Stabia, Torcetto al Burro is much more than a simple sweet: it is a piece of history and an emotion passed down from generation to generation.