OLA.0212.0250 OLA.0212.0250

"PEPERAGRO" Peppers vinegar


250 ml - 8.45 fl.oz



Sweet pepper vinegar produced by the slow spontaneous acetification method. It is neither pasteurised nor microfiltered and contains no sulphites.

COD: OLA.0212.0250
EAN: 0793541277191
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
15 kcal - 52 kJ
0 g
of which saturated
0 g
0,.5 g
of which sugars
0,5 g
0 g
0 g
0,02 g

Peppers vinegar

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Pepper vinegar is a simple condiment but with a rich and special taste; the process of slow spontaneous acetification differentiates it from ordinary flavoured vinegar.

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Slow spontaneous acetification technique

The slow spontaneous acetification of pepper vinegar preserves the characteristics and enhances the fruity flavour of the pepper, without the typical wine vinegar flavour.

Pepper vinegar is the ideal condiment for salads, grilled fish such as cuttlefish and prawns, cooked vegetables, grilled meats, carpaccio and boiled eggs.

With pepper vinegar you can make a delicious dressing for salads or for meat and fish, all you need is the following ingredients:

Sweet pepper vinegar: a versatile condiment that adds a unique flavour to any dish

Sweet pepper vinegar is a very versatile condiment that can enrich any dish with its unique, delicate flavour. Thanks to its sweet note, this type of vinegar can be used in many culinary preparations. It can be added to salads to add a touch of freshness and sweetness, or used as an ingredient for marinating meat, fish or vegetables. It can also be used to flavour sauces and condiments, giving them a slightly sweet taste and characteristic aroma. It is an excellent alternative to traditional vinegar for those who want to add a touch of originality to their recipes.

Features and benefits of sweet pepper vinegar

Sweet pepper vinegar is a versatile and tasty condiment with a number of properties and health benefits. This type of vinegar is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals, making it a healthy choice to add to our recipes. Due to the presence of antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotenoids, paprika vinegar can help protect our cells from free radical damage, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, paprika vinegar is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help boost the immune system and fight inflammation in the body. This condiment is also a source of vitamin A, which promotes healthy eyes and skin. Finally, paprika vinegar can help regulate blood sugar levels, making it an attractive option for people with diabetes or those on a low glycaemic index diet. In summary, as well as adding a unique flavour to our dishes, paprika vinegar offers a host of health benefits.