FRN.0008.1000 FRN.0008.1000

Organic Flour for Pizza "Maestro ORO"

Net weight: 1 kg



Strictly stone-milled soft type 1 organic wheat flour.

Its irregular grain size is typical of stone-ground flours and it has a higher nutritional content due to the presence of wheat germ and bran as a result of the low processing temperature.

This flour blend is suitable for doughs with a rising time of up to 6 hours at room temperature or 12 hours in the refrigerator.

COD: FRN.0008.1000
EAN: 8034013293236
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
344 kcal - 1440 kJ
1 g
of which saturated
0,3 g
70 g
of which sugars
1,6 g
12 g
3,5 g
0,05 g

Organic Wheat Flour Type 1

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Maestro Oro pizza flour, produced with soft wheat of the Anforeta variety, represents the excellence of the Sicilian milling tradition. This wheat, cultivated exclusively in the fertile lands of Sicily, is milled using La Fertè natural stone, a method that preserves the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product.
The resulting type 1 flour is particularly suitable for the preparation of flat pizzas, typical of the Neapolitan tradition, as well as for pizza alla pala and focaccia. The end result is a dough with an authentic flavour and perfect consistency, thanks to the superior quality of the wheat used and traditional milling.
To get the best performance from this flour, we recommend using Criscente sourdough starter, which gives the dough a unique taste and greater digestibility.

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History of Maestro Oro Organic Pizza Flour

Maestro Oro Organic Pizza Flour has a fascinating history dating back many years. Founded by a renowned master baker, this flour was created with the aim of offering pizza lovers a high-quality, organic product. Its secret recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, preserving its goodness and authenticity intact. Every step of the production process, from the selection of organic raw materials to the slow and gentle milling, has been carefully taken to ensure the best results. Thanks to this attention to detail, Maestro Oro Organic Pizza Flour has become a favourite choice of pizza professionals and pizza lovers the world over. Every time you use this flour to prepare your pizza, you are carrying on a tradition of quality and passion that has deep roots in the history of Italian culinary art.

The best choice for a perfect pizza: Maestro ORO Organic Flour for Pizza

The 'Maestro Oro' Organic Pizza flour is undoubtedly the best choice for a perfect pizza. Thanks to its stone milling process and the quality of the wheat used, this organic flour delivers excellent results. In addition to its high protein content, which contributes to a better leavening and dough consistency, it also has a high degree of browning. This means that pizza made with this flour will be light, fluffy and have a golden, crispy crust. Maestro Oro Organic Flour for Pizza is therefore the ideal choice for pizza lovers who want to enjoy a high quality organic product..

Technical specifications

STRENGHT W 230 ± 10
P/L* 0,8
*P: Tenacity; L: extensibility