SFA.0002.180 SFA.0002.180

Nduja di Spilinga in Glass Jar

Net weight: 180 g - 6.35 oz



Nduja is a typical sausage from Spilinga, made with pork and hot Calabrian chilli peppers. Jarred 'nduja' is made with the already seasoned 'nduja' in the classic natural casing called 'orba'. The orba is opened, the mixture is ground and olive oil is added to obtain a smooth and creamy consistency.

The result is a cream that can be used in many ways, and the jar packaging is perfect for modern, practical and quick consumption.

COD: SFA.0002.180
EAN: 8052570771059
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
465 kcal - 1897 kJ
35 g
of which saturated
12 g
14,8 g
of which sugars
0,2 g
20,3 g
14,6 g
1,2 g

Fat and pork raised and in Italy, Chilli (30%), Salt

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Few people know that the name 'NDUJA' derives from the French 'andouille', an ancient spicy sausage made from tripe and pork offal that Gioacchino Murat, during his reign in Naples (1806-1815), is said to have distributed free of charge to working-class youths, the famous 'lazzaroni di Napoli', in order to ingratiate himself with them and win their favour.

Today, the ingredients have been refined and replaced by simple cuts of pork such as guanciale, pancetta and lard.

Nduja is also very popular in the United States, especially in Louisiana and New Orleans.  

It may interest you

Spilinga 'nduja in the kitchen

It seemed impossible to find a sausage that could be used in an infinite number of ways in the kitchen. Instead, 'nduja has risen to the challenge and, thanks to its versatility, has become an essential ingredient in so many recipes.

Indeed, 'nduja is used to

  • add flavour to sauces
  • Seasoning pizzas
  • to accompany mature cheeses
  • in legume soups

The most classic use is on a bread crouton, which we recommend made from durum wheat with a firm crumb, lightly toasted so that the nduja melts slightly, softening the bread and enhancing the spiciness in the mouth.