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'Nduja di Spilinga in 'Cresponetto' casing



'Nduja is a typical salami from Spilinga, made from pork and spicy Calabrian chili. The ingredients are skillfully ground and mixed in an artisanal way, stuffed into a natural casing called "crespone", and smoked with non-resinous and non-aromatic wood, preferring oak, olive, or acacia.

The aging takes place in a cool and dry place for a period ranging from a minimum of 45 days to 3 months.

The characteristic bright red color comes from the chili, the seasoning contains little salt and a lot of chili (300 g per kilogram of meat). Absolutely free of preservatives and colorings, the considerable presence of Calabrian chili with its known antiseptic and antioxidant properties ensures its preservation.

Pleasantly spicy in taste. It is vacuum-packed in the classic natural casing.

COD: SFA.0001.0400
EAN: 8052570771042
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
465 kcal - 1897 kJ
35 g
of which saturated
12 g
14,8 g
of which sugars
0,2 g
20,3 g
14,6 g
1,2 g

Pork fat and meat raised in Italy, Chili (30%), Salt.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Not everyone knows that the name 'NDUIA derives from the French "andouille", which is an ancient spicy sausage made from tripe and pork offal. It is said that Joachim Murat, during his reign in Naples (1806-1815), distributed it for free to the young people of the lower class, the famous "lazzaroni di Napoli", to gain their favor.

Today, the ingredients have been refined and improved, replaced with simple cuts of pork, such as jowl, pancetta, and lardo.

'Nduja is highly appreciated in the United States, particularly in Louisiana and New Orleans.

It may interest you

Spilinga, the city of 'Nduja

Today, 'nduja is produced throughout the territory of the province of Vibo Valentia, but Spilinga, a village at the foot of Monte Poro with less than 1400 inhabitants, can rightfully claim its paternity due to its geographical location.
The cold but not dry microclimate of Spilinga is perfect for the aging of cured meats, benefiting from its proximity to the Stromboli volcano.
Lovers of festivals, folklore, and popular celebrations can taste and appreciate 'nduja in Spilinga on August 8th during the "Sagra dell'Nduja". This festival dates back to 1975 and was the first gastronomic, folkloristic, and cultural event in Calabria.