la Pila

Rice cultivated on soils of the Veronese plain irrigated with resurgence water
La Pila was founded in 1987, in the heart of the Veronese countryside, as a cooperative of 12 rice-producing farms in the lower Veronese area, with the aim of processing and marketing the paddy rice they produced together, in order to supply the market with rice of the highest quality.
In 2016, it was transformed into an agricultural company with greater integration with its member and contributing farms.

La Pila's awards
Riseria la Pila owns about 600 hectares of rice fields, which represents more than a third of the total area under rice cultivation in the province of Verona, one of the most important in Italy; La Pila is the only major company that can exclusively produce its rice with both Controlled and Guaranteed Chain Traceability and I.G.P..
Riseria La Pila has also collaborated with the Consorzio di Tutela del Riso Vialone Nano Veronese (Consortium for the Protection of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice) and has succeeded in characterising and certifying the production, obtaining recognition by the C.E.E. of the Protected Geographical Indication - I.G.P.

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