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Artisanal Arborio Rice

la Pila

Net weight: 1 kg - 35,2 oz



Arborio Classico rice is characterised by its large, shiny grains, which have a slightly lower capacity to retain their shape during cooking and to absorb seasonings than Vialone Nano Classico and Carnaroli Classico. It is the most popular Italian rice for making risottos, rice salads, soups and timballi.

COD: PST.0535.1000
EAN: 8026198033417
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
354 kcal - 1500 kJ
1,1 g
of which saturated
0,2 g
77,7 g
of which sugars
0,2 g
7,6 g
1,2 g
0,07 g

Artisanal Arborio Rice 100%

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Known to be one of the most popular types of rice for risotto preparation is its high capacity to absorb liquids and release starch. This quality makes it ideal for creating rich and creamy risotto, a staple of Italian cuisine. The grain of Arborio is longer and coarser than other types of rice used for risotto, such as Carnaroli or Vialone Nano. During the cooking process, Arborio grains tend to maintain a certain centre of gravity, while the outside becomes creamy, a characteristic valued in the kitchen for creating a perfect balance of texture in the final dish.

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Unique characteristics of Artisanal Arborio Rice

Artisanal Arborio Rice is a unique and special product, appreciated by chefs and gourmets all over the world. Its characteristics make it truly unique. The Arborio variety is known for its round grains and high starch content. This gives the rice a creamy texture and a rich, full flavour. In addition, this rice is grown using only resurgence water, which is rich in minerals and gives artisanal Arborio rice a unique and authentic taste. Importantly, the production chain of this rice is fully controlled, guaranteeing maximum traceability and quality of the final product. Try artisanal Arborio rice and discover for yourself why it is so special!

The best pairings for Artisan Arborio Rice

Artisan Arborio Rice is renowned for its creamy texture and rich flavour, making it perfect for a wide range of recipes. Thanks to its ability to absorb the flavours of the ingredients with which it is cooked, Artisan Arborio Rice can be combined with a wide range of ingredients. For example, it is ideal for preparing a classic mushroom risotto, in which dried or fresh porcini mushrooms combine perfectly with the creaminess of the rice. Arborio artisan rice is also ideal for making fish risottos, such as a delicious risotto alla pescatora, in which seafood is combined with rice to create a truly delicious combination of flavours. Finally, this type of artisanal rice can also be used to prepare desserts, such as rice al latte, where its creamy texture blends perfectly with the sweet taste of vanilla and the scent of cinnamon. In conclusion, Arborio artisan rice offers endless possibilities for culinary combinations, transforming every dish into a unique and satisfying taste experience.